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Ice Balls

The perfect cocktail is possible with the NEWEST & SEXIEST compliment to any beverage. ICE BULB’S 100% crystal clear 2.25” perfectly round ice ball allows your beverage maximum cooling with minimal dilution. Not to mention, how cosmetically appealing these are versus crushed ice. Ice Bulb is able to produce crystal clear ice with a special RO system that allow us to extract all the impurities in the water prior to freezing. This allows for the perfect tasting beverage as you have no water or impurity tastes.

The ice ball / sphere concept was started many years ago in Japan and ICE BULB is proud to offer this same technique and quality here in the United States. We ship the ice balls all over the country and they are made to order. Whether you are hosting a special function, a mixologist looking for a special compliment to your beverage or a bar/hotel, we can assist you. Visit our website at www.icebulb.com, or you can also email us directly with any questions at info@icebulb.com.

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